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America's best podcast for learning how today's top business owners Think, Act, and Achieve. Onward Nation is a five-day-a-week podcast hosted by Stephen Woessner, CEO of Predictive ROI. Business owners share the most influential lessons learned throughout their careers, including insights into their daily habits, their most vital priorities that have contributed to their business and personal success, and the most challenging time or situation that could have devastated or even ruined their businesses or careers. Business owners share their "recipes for success" including those systems they wish they had put into practice inside their business when first starting out. Each episode concludes with guests sharing two or three practical and tactical strategies they would recommend to brand new business owners in order to best ensure success in their new business and careers. Onward Nation provides business owners with the strategies and tactical step-by-step "recipe" that will help anyone make their business more systematic, predictable, measurable, and repeatable.
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Aug 31, 2017

Sophie Wade is the author of EMBRACING PROGRESS and the founder of Flexcel Network, which provides consulting services to maximize the benefits and minimize the disruption in the transition to the new work environment. She is an authority on the wide-ranging Future-of-Work issues impacting companies – such as attracting, engaging, and retaining talent, workplace flexibility, Millennial demands, purposed-driven culture, and more.

What you’ll learn about in this episode

  • Balancing work and life by making work more flexible
  • How to facilitate fluidity in your workplace or for your employees
  • Why there is a need to make work more humane
  • How lack of engagement is leading to a reduction in productivity
  • Making your company a place where people want to work
  • Enhancing the talents of your people by knowing what they want
  • Creating a culture that inspires people to be their best
  • Connecting with the people on your teams to help them succeed
  • Why empathy is the key characteristic of modern leadership

How to best connect with Sophie:

Aug 30, 2017

Tim Rhode is the creative force behind He is a rare individual who “walks the walk” of what he teaches. Tim came from a very humble background, growing up in a blue collar family in a blue collar town. Although he barely graduated high school and never attended any college, Tim went on to dream, plan, and create his own “magnificent life.” Tim has a diverse range of talents that can help YOU create the life of your dreams.

What you’ll learn about in this episode

  • How to figure out who you are and what you should do
  • A holistic approach to a life well lived
  • Taking charge of your life and making a change happen
  • Finding a community of peers who can elevate you
  • Investing in yourself to get somewhere much better down the road
  • Training and conditioning that every top performer goes through
  • Working on honing your craft every moment of every day
  • Taking your vertical income and creating horizontal income
  • Developing a laser focus on your goals – daily and long term

How to best connect with Tim:

Aug 29, 2017

Brad Chandler is CEO of Express Homebuyers and President of Brad Chandler Coaching. Brad read a book about buying real estate with no money down when he was in the 9th grade and has been passionate about it ever since. He built, from scratch, a 7th-level real estate investing business that does 200+ deals per year, makes $500,000 a month every month in wholesale fees, and operates without his day-to-day involvement. Since 2003, he has been part of over 5,000 real estate transactions, and he is dedicated to sharing his experiences and helping others through his podcast…”The Real Estate Investing Hot Seat” – and through coaching and mentoring.

What you’ll learn about in this episode

  • How to get your business to where it runs without your direct involvement
  • Networking to make the connections and find the knowledge needed to succeed
  • Putting in the work to understand your business most comprehensively
  • Building your success around finding your one objective to make your life easier
  • Using time-blocking to eliminate distractions and focus on what you need to do
  • Thinking about building your team and helping them to find their fit
  • Crafting a solid selling strategy that speaks to your customers’ needs
  • Focusing on learning and implementing what you find every day
  • Changing what you’re doing to get the most out of your life

How to best connect with Brad:

Aug 28, 2017

Seth Buechley is a serial entrepreneur with a unique background. He grew up in a commune in the woods of southern Oregon, married his high school sweetheart, skipped college, and still managed to build and sell several companies resulting in multi-million-dollar exits. He enjoys connecting high-potential leaders with the ideas and resources to grow their business or organization while achieving lasting leadership impact.

What you’ll learn about in this episode

  • Understanding how people achieve success
  • Intentional mentorship that challenges others to think about their choices
  • Developing clear conviction and cultivating gratitude
  • Leading in a way that shows appreciation for everything you experience
  • Cultivating an intentional mindset that can guide you through life
  • Serving those you follow as an authentic leader
  • Time management strategies for anyone to use
  • The daily habits that contribute to success
  • Cultivating focus and developing effective follow through

How to best connect with Seth:

Aug 25, 2017

Robin Behrstock has been starting businesses since she was a kid. Most of them were failures, which — as they should — became learning experiences. At the age of 33, it all paid off when she started a copper mug business just as they became a popular trend. In less than three years, she grew the business to annual sales of $3 million. With that success came the realization it wasn’t what she wanted to do with her life. The best part of being an entrepreneur—for her—wasn’t making money or selling lots of copper mugs, it was inspiring people, which led Robin to write the book, “Adventures of Women Entrepreneurs: Stories That Inspire”…with the goal of inspiring women around the world to do something different, to step outside their comfort zone or move beyond their present circumstances and make their dreams a reality!

What you’ll learn about in this episode

  • Becoming purpose-driven in your business and career
  • Using your time effectively with self-motivating management techniques
  • How to develop habits that contribute to success
  • Leaving your comfort zone to break your routine and learn from challenges
  • Testing the market to gather essential data for product development
  • Using online marketplaces to test product viability
  • Calculated risks that can bring to birth new business ideas
  • Managing international supply chains in the modern marketplace
  • Raising your awareness of new business opportunities and taking action on them

How to best connect with Robin:

Aug 24, 2017

Kelly Roach handled hundreds of millions in assets and managed dozens of teams across 17 locations to engineer record-breaking turnarounds for companies and departments in the Fortune 500 company she helped led..all before she was 30. Fast forward to today…and Kelly is the powerful host behind the top-rated Unstoppable Success Radio podcast, best selling author, and founder of Kelly Roach Coaching International, where she helps business owners unleash their greatness, build unstoppable momentum, and achieve anything.

What you’ll learn about in this episode

  • Overcoming difficult circumstances to become financially free
  • Making an impact in the world by building businesses around your passion
  • Dedicating your entire life to accomplish a specific goal
  • How to advocate for yourself at work and in your career
  • Being in touch with your purpose and what your gut tells you
  • Seizing on the opportunities that will bring you fulfillment
  • Prioritizing commitments to yourself as much as those you make to others
  • The courage and commitment required to challenge yourself
  • Slowing down and taking time to think about what brings you happiness

How to best connect with Kelly:

Aug 23, 2017

Jaymie Tarshis is a marketing strategist that helps small businesses and entrepreneurs get more traffic, leads, and sales by leveraging the power of Facebook ads. If you want to grow your business and create a system that brings in a consistent amount of customers on auto-pilot, then connect with Jaymie at or on her Facebook page

What you’ll learn about in this episode

  • Leveraging Facebook Ads to generate greater lead volume
  • How to build a foundation for online marketing
  • Amplification strategies for generating new leads
  • Targeting traffic with great accuracy and retargeting your contacts
  • Using Facebook Ads to build a relationship with your business
  • Getting deeper with your leads through retargeting and warming your relationship
  • Batching your activities to maximize productivity
  • Why marketing is the most important skill for every business
  • Simple tools for success to use early on in your business development

How to best connect with Jaymie:

Aug 22, 2017

Adam Urbanski arrived in United States from Poland with only $194 in his pocket and a limited ability to speak English. Within 10-years, he was able to build and sell his first 7-figure empire in the restaurant industry. Then he lost it all. He rebuilt and has consistently stayed on the bleeding edge of market trends. Today, he is the personal coach and mentor to some of the biggest names in the personal and professional development spaces. Over 100,000 coaches, consultants, speakers, experts, online marketers and entrepreneurs world-wide turn to Adam for advice.

What you’ll learn about in this episode

  • Overcoming seemingly insurmountable odds with resilience and strength
  • The story of an immigrant to the US who changed his own life
  • Seizing on opportunities as they present themselves
  • The important thing to do every morning
  • Taking lessons and turning them into actions
  • Cultivating your focus to improve your work
  • Putting systems into place that help you manage your time
  • Turning around from failure and making it success
  • How to be really good at sales and growing your business

How to best connect with Adam:

Aug 21, 2017

Ace Chapman bought his first business when he was 19 years old. It was an online stock market simulator called CoolWallStreet. After selling it, and seeing the benefits in buying a business over starting one, he caught the business buying bug. Since then he has bought and sold over 30 businesses and has helped his clients all over the world buy over 100 companies.

What you’ll learn about in this episode

  • The realities of developing and selling businesses
  • How to assess potential business deals
  • What makes a business attractive to potential buyers
  • Putting systems in place to create a self-sustaining business
  • Getting into a business deal with the proper planning
  • How to pitch in order to make the deal work every time
  • Discerning which businesses are ripe for buying and which to avoid
  • Always being in the market to acquire businesses
  • Building strategic value through business acquisition

How to best connect with Ace:

Aug 18, 2017

Moustafa Hamwi is recognized as the world’s leading expert on “Passionate Leadership.” He has achieved in one year what took others 20 years to achieve…to an extent he has been nicknamed “Mr. Passion”. He has interviewed over 180 global leaders, experts, authors, coaches, award winning artists, Nobel prize laureates, and Olympians on his talk show “Passion Sundays”. Moustafa has been selected by Dr. Marshall Goldsmith as one of the top 100 coaches globally.

What you’ll learn about in this episode

  • Knowing what you need so you can find the right questions
  • Life-changing advice from a world traveling speakers and coach
  • How to discover your calling and build your career on it
  • Insights that lead to finding the right path
  • Finding the determination to keep striving toward your purpose
  • Building a brand over time that will sustain you
  • Simple rules for building an audience that can grow your business
  • What you can do with the energy generated by your emotions

How to best connect with Moustafa:

Aug 17, 2017

Robert Kohler founded Kohler Law Group over 20 years ago and his firm has represented thousands of venture-backed and publicly-traded technology companies worldwide. In addition to being involved in the legal field, he has real-world business experience as a successful entrepreneur and has founded and sold several technology companies.

What you’ll learn about in this episode

  • Strategies that leverage what you love into new business opportunities
  • The simple habits that lead to focus on moving forward
  • Using consistency to build the foundation of your growth
  • How to know your strengths, act on them, and recruit people to help you
  • Integrating teams across an enterprise with diverse revenue streams
  • Systems that will grow your business from the very start
  • What you can do to protect your business while expanding
  • Creating synergy across your endeavors
  • Why networking helps generate sales

How to best connect with Robert:


Aug 16, 2017

Calvin Correli is an artist, entrepreneur, and the CEO of a holistically focused, multi-million dollar software company called Simplero. Calvin is passionate about helping online business owners do exactly what brings them most alive and is currently working on branching out to bring all of his talents — including music, spirituality and personal growth into an exciting new service for entrepreneurs.

What you’ll learn about in this episode

  • Infusing spirituality and creativity into your business and your life
  • Combining all of your talents to create your success
  • Identifying the right people for the roles you have at your company
  • Building your systems incrementally without taking on too much
  • A comprehensive approach to developing a curriculum for coaching
  • Using mind maps to conceptually refine your presentations
  • Daily habits that keep you focused on your success
  • Insisting on enjoying every moment today
  • Self-awareness that can help you continue to move forward

How to best connect with Calvin:

Aug 15, 2017

Lisa Allanson and Lisa McDonough have over 25 years experience in Human Resources Management and Leadership Coaching — and they are the founders of Teenhackz. Lisa and Lisa are on a mission to shape the future of work one teen at a time. Their focus — their one vital priority is to help equip teens (and their parents) with the necessary skills for success in work and in life. Lisa and Lisa also share their insightful process within their two books: “Raising Resilient Teens: A Practical Guide to Preparing Your Kids for Life & Work in the Real World”, and “Teens: Understanding & Loving the Creatures We Live With.”

What you’ll learn about in this episode

  • Why to start planning your future when you’re a teenager
  • Helping teens along in their search for identity
  • Insights gained from over two and a half decades in corporate HR
  • How to use the results of personality tests
  • Identifying dominant behaviors and what these indicate about ourselves
  • What great leaders have in common that allows them to inspire others
  • The value of excellent emotional intelligence
  • An engaging assessment tool for helping teens understand themselves
  • Navigating difficult conversations with teens

How to best connect with Lisa & Lisa:

Aug 14, 2017

Kathy Knowles is a speaker, trainer, and consultant who speaks on The Seven Step System for Creating more Purpose, Profit, and Possibilities rather than running a business that’s stealing your soul. She works with entrepreneurs and small business owners to reduce turnover and have more loyal and dedicated employees and customers. Ultimately, her clients make the leap out of the day to day and onto playing a much bigger playing field so they can do the work that’s in their heart and leave their legacy.

What you’ll learn about in this episode

  • Finding clarity on the important issues in your life
  • Understanding how to focus on your priorities
  • Making decisions that will create systems you can use to thrive
  • Considering what you need to do and being mindful of your habits
  • Using your enthusiasm to develop your ideas while being mindful of the basics
  • Thriving using excellent communication strategies
  • Maintaining good client relationships with the best CRM technology
  • Creating consistency that will develop successful habits

How to best connect with Kathy:

Aug 11, 2017

Pamela Herrmann is a best-selling author, host of the daily video series, “The Morning Would Show”, a national keynote speaker and co-founder of CREATE Buzz, a customer loyalty consultancy firm. A short list of her clients include jetBlue, State of Colorado Economic Development, North Carolina Main Street Alliance, New Jersey Main Street Alliance, and Oklahoma Main Streets. Her book, “The Customer Manifesto”, was ranked #3 by in their list of “Excellent Customer Service Books Every Business Owner Should Read.”

What you’ll learn about in this episode

  • Overcoming personal obstacles to thrive in business
  • Resisting the urge to focus on short-term results
  • The instant value of excellent web copy
  • Time saving techniques for tackling vital priorities
  • Learning and seeking knowledge every day
  • Developing content that can be brought to local businesses to help them thrive
  • The most critical skills business owners need to survive
  • Articulating your narrative in a relatable way
  • Staying open to feedback from those with whom you collaborate
  • Incorporating neuroscience into your marketing strategies and messaging
  • How to engage your audience with simple communication strategies

How to best connect with Pamela:

Aug 10, 2017

Jessica Nazarali knew from an early age that personal development would be part of her life’s work. But it wasn’t until she started a passion project – a blog and health food website in 2011 – that Jessica’s dream came to fruition. Today Jessica merges business with her desire to help people through the courses she releases through It Girl Academy and her podcast It Girl Radio. She is passionate about helping women to use the evergreen model for enrolling consistent clients without having to launch.

What you’ll learn about in this episode

  • Presenting expertise and skills that others want to emulate
  • Focusing on preparation when starting new businesses
  • Managing your calendar well with every task you need to accomplish
  • Developing the habit of “showing up” to execute everything you plan
  • Maintaining a resilient attitude to avoid “podfading” and letting your show go
  • Using your data in a way that powers your revenue stream
  • How to keep your focus on revenue-generating activity
  • The best email marketing platforms available
  • Simple strategies that will ensure success at any point in your journey
  • Leaving space for forgiveness and understanding mistakes
  • Setting realistic expectations for growth and development of greater capacity

How to best connect with Jessica:

Aug 9, 2017

Stephen is the CEO of Predictive ROI and the host of the Onward Nation podcast. He is the author of three bestselling books including the recently released Profitable Podcasting. He is also a speaker, trainer, and his digital marketing insights have been featured in SUCCESS, Entrepreneur, The Washington Post, Forbes, Inc. Magazine, and other media.

Good Morning Onward Nation — I’m Stephen Woessner — and welcome to Episode 553. And welcome to today’s solocast.

Now, truth be told…it has been about 8 weeks since my last solocast recording — and I really missed the process of preparing a deep lesson — something meaty — that I could share with you on a Wednesday morning — just you and me.

And today’s lesson has me really excited — because we are going to dig deep into navigating success…not how to become successful…as in the magic or myth of an overnight success. But instead…as you put in the long hours, as you make the sacrifice, as you put in the major, consistent effort, as you invest the long nights, as you get up early in the morning…as you push yourself to make one more phone call when you would rather relax after an already long day…and you have done all of that and you begin to start to see success coming your way…and you begin to see the laws of momentum turn toward your favor…the four keys to navigating success that I shared with you today will help you maintain perspective…they will help you keep a level head…and keep you on the lookout for new opportunities…and focused on creating the right team with the right culture…so you not only enjoy your current level of success but you will be well positioned to enjoy what is yet to come on your horizon.

I am very excited about today’s lesson and what I call the 4 keys to navigating success.

A transcript of this episode is available here:

Aug 8, 2017

Mark Howley is the CEO and majority owner of Pacific Bag, Inc., which manufacturers unique pre-made bags for specialty coffee, tea, pet food, specialty foods, ag, chemicals, and other niche markets around the world. Mark’s company serves over 5,000 customers in over 60 countries — and — Pacific Bag celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2015. Mark’s experience covers the full gamut of sales, marketing, product management, and executive management. He has spoken at events throughout the world and has written articles for industry magazines.

What you’ll learn about in this episode

  • Framing the issues you have to deal with right now
  • Getting into the mindset where you’re compelled to do what you love
  • Moving forward even when it feels like you’re stuck in place
  • Keeping doing what you’re doing until you forge success
  • Succeeding no matter what struggles you might face
  • Proven daily practices that put you on the path to success
  • Doing the next right thing every day
  • Learning to play the game and win
  • The discipline you need to get what you want

How to best connect with Mark:

Aug 7, 2017

Mac Prichard is the founder and publisher of Mac’s List, an online community for people looking for rewarding, creative, and meaningful work. More than 80,000 people a month visit the website, which includes a job board, a blog, and courses about the nuts and bolts of job hunting and career management. Mac also hosts a weekly podcast called, “Find Your Dream Job” and is the author of the new book, “Land Your Dream Job Anywhere.”

What you’ll learn about in this episode

  • Proven strategies for success in every industry
  • How to decide what to say “yes” and “no” to every day
  • Habits that will shorten your path to success
  • Using systems to manage the most important aspects of your business
  • Letting go of people so you can find those with the right fit
  • Creating hiring systems to know exactly who you need
  • Relying on your plans to take you through to success

How to best connect with Mac:

Aug 4, 2017

David Covey is co-author of the new book, “Trap Tales: Outsmarting the 7 Hidden Obstacles to Success.” David is also the 3rd son of Stephen R. Covey, author of the groundbreaking book, “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.” David served as the chief operating officer of FranklinCovey and later left to start his own company called SMCOV. SMCOV works with the best intellectual property content experts on the planet and helps distributes their content globally through licensees. David loves working with impactful IP and setting up distribution systems around the globe.

What you’ll learn about in this episode

  • The purpose of the book that David co-authored, “Trap Tales: Outsmarting the 7 Hidden Obstacles to Success”
  • Traps that are keeping us from success in our life
  • The importance of having a shared vision for your relationship/marriage
  • Learning to say no so you can say yes to the things that you value the most
  • The killer trap of growth & transformation
  • The four aspects of our career that we should be 100% satisfied in
  • The difference between primary & secondary greatness
  • How David defines success
  • How anybody can change the trajectory of their life at any stage of their life
  • How differentiating yourself by defining your voice can help you move onward to the next level
  • What separates the successful entrepreneurs from the unsuccessful entrepreneurs

How to best connect with David:

Aug 3, 2017

John Dame is a business strategist who has built a reputation for insightful evaluation, planning, and a passion for driving results — all of which have grown his involvement with companies and organizations internationally as an executive coach and leadership development facilitator for senior teams. John understands the risks, challenges, and opportunities facing both seasoned and emerging CEOs, and guides leaders as a Vistage Chair for executive peer groups. John is also focused on the role of purpose in business and the new challenge of transitioning toward a millennial-based workforce. So in 2015, he introduced an annual business conference called “EVOLUTION” and focused on implementing purpose-driven leadership.

What you’ll learn about in this episode

  • The biggest issue impacting business today
  • The importance of establishing your vital priorities every day
  • Why you need to slow down to speed up
  • Why you need to stay in the moment and stay focused when talking with someone
  • Why having self-awareness is a critical skill to master
  • The value of working on something immediately, even if it’s difficult
  • Why the vision needs to be defined, clear, and in line with the purpose
  • Taking time to define roles and behaviors from people that you want to see in your organization
  • Being aware of how you show up as a leader

How to best connect with John:

Aug 2, 2017

Gabrielle Taylor is the author of the book, “LEGACY OF WISDOM”, where she blends practical scientific research and multi-generational family stories to provide a look into what the word “wisdom” truly means, how we can develop it, and most importantly, how we can pass it on. Gabrielle also leads a strategic management consultancy based in Littleton, Colorado.

What you’ll learn about in this episode

  • The benefits of using 30 minutes of quiet time in the morning to center & focus yourself for the day ahead
  • How to lessen the impact of feeling overwhelmed
  • Keeping hydration and nutrition front of mind every day
  • A challenging time for Gabrielle, what she learned, and how that affected her business
  • How being open to change is critical in business today
  • The power of racing towards what you fear the most
  • A powerful lesson in grace and accountability that Gabrielle received from one of her mentors
  • Why you need to listen to the market and be responsive
  • Why layoffs should be the last thing that happens when things are going bad in an organization
  • Why you need to be checking in with employees at all levels

How to best connect with Gabrielle:

Aug 1, 2017

Angela Ficken is a psychotherapist in Boston. She began her career as a senior clinical social worker at McLean Hospital and was a primary therapist for college students at Harvard University before moving into private practice. Angela’s primary interests are working with young adults who have OCD, eating disorders, and anxiety-related concerns. She is also a contributor to the

What you’ll learn about in this episode

  • What OCD is and how it manifests itself
  • How Angela uses her online calendar to help her stay organized & tackle her daily priorities
  • The value of asking yourself the question “What’s next?
  • How Angela uses reflection as a coping strategy
  • How having a good, healthy coping strategy can help business owners thrive today
  • The importance of having a life outside of the office
  • Examples of healthy coping skills to use when you’re feeling stressed
  • The best advice that Angela received from one of her mentors
  • Surrounding yourself with people who will both challenge you & have your back

How to best connect with Angela: